Flvme”s Ex Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being Beater

Flvme''s Ex Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being Abusive

Flvme''s Ex Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being Abusive


Flvme’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being A Woman Beater! It seems as though there will not be a compromise of any sort among Flvme and his ex Ashleigh who continue to toss pokes at one another via web-based media. While Flvme keeps everybody speculating with his shade, his ex thinks about them literally and assaults back straightforwardly.

Flvme’s ex has now blamed him for being a ladies beater on Twitter taking steps to “end” the rapper and battle him back. This comes after Flvme tweeted that he will not be making music about the last b*tch he f*cked with in light of the fact that she lied and attempted to openly humiliate him. “The last b*tch I f*cked with lied and attempted to openly humiliate me… . so this collection won’t be about her this time,” Flvme tweeted.

“Lesego Kyle Mynandu DONT START! I will end you. I know excessively and you’ve done excessively! Let Me Be the young man that beats ladies… This time I will battle you back! I cautioned you to remain away, the legal advisors cautioned you however you continue to attempt! Let ME Be BEFORE I REACT! @FlvmeSA,” Flvme’s ex reacted to his tweet. Albeit the two don’t follow one another, Flvme reacted to Ashleigh’s tweeting saying, “why she believe I’m talking session her.”




This isn’t the main awful trade between the previous couple. Back in May, they were in another off-kilter trade on twitter that left their adherents confounded when Ashleigh blamed Flvme for enjoying her photographs promptly in the first part of the day notwithstanding having a sweetheart. It seems as though Flvme I not taking the maltreatment accusations genuinely as he ignored them.

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