Da Muziqal Chef – Just a Taste EP

Da Muziqal Chef – Just a Taste EP download

Da Muziqal Chef – Just a Taste EP Download

In the dynamic realm of Amapiano music, Da Muziqal Chef has carved a name for himself as a maestro of melody and rhythm. This Amapiano project is a delightful collection of six tracks that showcase his talent for crafting mesmerizing piano melodies and infectious beats.


Tracklist for “Just a Taste” EP

  1. Ama Pillow Talk – Da Muziqal Chef ft. Daliwonga
  2. Ubumnandi – Da Muziqal Chef, Eemoh ft. De Mthuda & Sam Deep
  3. Phendula – Da Muziqal Chef, Malumnator ft. Njelic, Aymos & De Mthuda
  4. Seng’zwile – Da Muziqal Chef, Azana ft. De Mthuda
  5. Stuff Sakhe – Da Muziqal Chef, De Mthuda ft. Malumnator
  6. Tshepo Ke Tshepo – Da Muziqal Chef, De Mthuda, Mzizi


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