Mayhem KS – Pressure Lyrics

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Mayhem KS – Pressure Lyrics

Mayhem KS – Pressure. Here is the lyrics of Mayhem KS titled Pressure

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I feel the pressure
The anxiety
Too many to count

When I was younger
I was always under watch
I couldn’t even enjoy playing on the block
I couldn’t even see joy if it wasn’t a watch
Things that shimmer and shine
I was willing to get shot
My pillars would get blocked
Reality would pop
My role models living lives
I didn’t even want
Whenever there’s a car
Stop playing let it pass
In those few moments
I was sitting in the front
Told myself not to worry
My birthday’s in a month
But who am I kidding
Who would ever get me such?
My jealousy would rush
Into my blood
Now it’s anxiety that I feel
When I drive past
I feel the pressure
The anxiety
Too many to count

Now I’m in school
Straight A student
But I don’t want that
I just wanna be a cool kid
Pulled up in that new release
Treated girls cruel
Told the truth brutally
Money was my fuel
Out of the friends that knew me
There was only a few
That knew the true me
To this day we’re still cool
I remember in high school
Kids would drive their own cars
I was the kid who lived far
Being fetched by my grandpa
He drove an old Golf
In a parking lot of Porsches
Told him next time he pulled through
“Park down the road”
I feel the pressure
The anxiety
(Ja x8)
Too many to count
(Oooh insecurities)

I’m just gonna be honest
My life isn’t the hardest
But as a black kid
The pressure to succeed harden’s
There’s no dream that you chase
That your family pardons
Not even friendly friends
Erase the shame of sleeping on couches
Defeat is a mountain
I see when I’m counting
Coins that’ll get me a young taxi to town,yeah
Take a walk around here
Might leave feeling down,eh
My neighborhood is just melanin
With frowns, neh

We frownin
Co-coz we down
Look up ain’t nobody looking down
The weed I got is so strong
I wanna forget all my doubts
I feel the pressure
The anxiety
(The anxiety)
Too many to count
(It’s too many to couu…ooount!)


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