Aewon Wolf reveals why he had to take a break from music.

Aewon Wolf

South African singer, songwriter and director, Aewon Wolf, has begin to elucidate the explanations why he had to disappear from the limelight for a short time .

Arnold Philips, known by the pseudonym Aewon Wolf, had decided to remain off music for a short time and work in knowing who he truly is and what he truly wants. The break he took wasn’t almost self-discovery, but also to mourn the loss of a loved one and one who was affected by stroke.

Aewon Wolf opened to City Press publication:

I took an opportunity just to figure on myself. In 2016 towards the top of that year I had an enormous awaken call. A father figure of mine gave up the ghost from stroke. Three months then a father of mine suffered a stroke. in any case that I had to out things on pause for a touch .

The entire time I didn’t even realise that i used to be not happy. i used to be browsing the motions; giggling, drinking, partying and living the rock and roll lifestyle.

The Cool Kids rapper also stated that he wasn’t into addictive narcotics but his indulgence in it affected his business life . due to his father’s condition, he had to inform his business partners that he would be happening an opportunity , which he did.

Aewon Wolf said:

Was thinking how the bigger picture and my purpose were. Am I gonna have a story of the items I’ve done then what?

Three years after taking an opportunity from music, the talented rapper made a huge comeback with the discharge of his album titled, “The Return.”

Aewon Wolf has the subsequent albums to his credit: Darkest Winter, Proudly South African, Choose Love and therefore the Return.

His new album has made his name to reign again within the South African hip hop. We anticipate more from the talented singer.

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